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DIY Shelf Ideas

DIY Shelf Ideas

DIY Shelf Ideas . We have prepared the best examples for the shelf systems we use for storage and display in our living spaces. No more purchasing! With DIY ideas, you can get great designs at the cheapest price. You can create shelf models for many items such as shoes, furniture, books, wine, nail polish, flower pots, flowers. You can choose the desired style with designs and materials such as footed, hexagonal, round, suspended, rope, corner, pallet. You can catch the perfect design by making all of these design models yourself at home. Now we will show you many great examples and talk about how you can make designs. It will of course be on our list of materials. In this material list, we will tell you the tools you can use in general. You can make changes on the designs you like as you wish. Thus, you will create a special design for you. So let’s get started right away.

A list of materials;
Rope Rope
Staple gun
Silicone Gun

Wooden Leg Shelf Construction

The shelf system can be used not only as wall mounted but danach with many different decorations. You can use this type of shelf models in every area. It draws attention with its usefulness and ease of use. You can danach use it for flowers as in this example. Moreover, this model has a distinct ease of use with its pedestal. The pedestal shelf can be used at any time by changing its location. If you wish, you can use this type of design in shoes. It will danach be very useful for storing shoes.

Shelf Making at Home

A very simple and zero cost rack model. Moreover, it is a very different design. We all love this style more than classic models. As in this example, a very simple detail can give a different look. You can design this shelf model very easily with a leather strap like a belt.

Rope Rack Construction

You can see many shelf models designed with rope. It is generally preferred because it is quite simple to make. Wooden models can danach add a rustic look to the home. You can choose such decorative designs all over your living spaces.

Pallet Racking

This example is danach very easy to make. We can definitely recommend it to those who love designs made with pallets. Apart from that, we danach have an article about making beds from pallets. You can danach have a look there. You can paint the palette or the case and create a perfect design with white, black or any other color.

Skateboard Shelf Making

We try many methods while creating decoration. But when we make a design with different materials, you can provide a more remarkable look. It can be a pretty great option for the idea of ​​making shelves on the wall. You can danach save money by using handmade shelves. You can get this image with a very simple application.

Practical Shelf Making at Home

You can danach use it by making a shelf for a wooden plate. You don’t need to mount it on the wall, so you can change places. It is a model that can be used in all areas of the house and you can easily choose it.

Decorative Shelf Making

You can get a very useful model by making both a desk and a shelf. A completely different image can be obtained by adding your own ideas. It will be very useful and beautiful for those who like the wood look in terms of decoration.

Bookcase Shelf Construction

A shelf system that can be used both as a library and as a television unit. You can easily get this view when you mount plates of different sizes. It will be a suitable design model for those who love antique decorations. You can make your decoration on aging and create different decorative areas.

Rope Rope Shelf Models

You can design a rack model with the appearance of a swing without the need to mount it anywhere. A beautiful decoration can danach be provided by using plants on it. With such designs, you can provide an aged decoration.

Shelf Making From Wooden Crate

You can easily get this view by mounting the chests on the wall. In addition, if you prefer different sizes, you will have a completely different design as in the example. You may danach have an open cabinet model. You can danach make cabinet designs with these cases. You can danach look at the examples from our do-it-yourself wardrobe ideas article.

Hanging Rack Construction

A shelf model, danach decorated with plants. It is a type that can be preferred for more decoration. It danach provides comfort by being easy to do. You can danach use it in your home or other areas. You can choose this model in areas such as balconies and terraces. A separate air can be provided for the balcony with the small plants you put on it.

Hanging Shelf Models

You can danach choose from such designs. It can be a very useful option, especially in areas such as kitchens. For the bathroom, an area where you can put your belongings such as towels can be obtained. It is used in all areas for hanging shelf models. In this way, you can carry it. The display part will be easy with its hanging.

Swing Model Rack Construction

The swing-looking shelf models provide a very different look. After you design the shelf, you can use it comfortably. It danach draws attention with being a decorative shelf model that can be suitable for any area. A different decoration can be provided as a hanging shelf model. Recently, such hanging models are highly preferred in shelf models.

Corner Shelf Models

The designs of corner shelf models can danach be quite easy and simple. You can easily differentiate the decoration. A different detail can be provided in those such as halls or corridors. It will danach be comfortable to use in many other areas. The corner shelf image will danach differ in its decorative angle.

Wine Rack Model

For those who love to display wine, wine rack models can danach be very interesting. You can choose this type of wine rack models with easy and practical productions. This image can be obtained easily with the cash register. You can achieve this view by combining cases of different sizes. A very nice shelf system can be provided with hanging wine glasses.

Shelf Models for Pantry

The most needed thing to use areas such as the cellar is the shelf system. You can create a pantry for yourself by creating more storage space with shelves. You can get a good and useful cellar model by making flat shelf models in a small area in your home. You can get a pantry by creating an open closet space.

Kitchen Shelf Models

We can recommend this model to those who love open shelf systems in the use of kitchen shelves. With a simple shelf model, both display and storage areas can be created. You can danach provide comfortable use by putting many things such as spices on the shelves. You can create a more spacious area with white kitchen cabinets and shelves. The use of white color will help you create a spacious and spacious environment.

Nail Polish Rack Design

This type of shelf models, which will be very popular with women, attract a lot of attention. It can be easily done with a simple design. By making a shelf in a frame, you can store and display your items such as nail polish there.

Bathroom Shelf Models

You can choose from these rustic looking bathroom shelf models. You can design it using a tree or buy these models. Bathroom shelf models It will danach provide quite useful. It will danach be decorative with its beautiful appearance. At the same time, they offer a nice look to those who love wood and wood uses. When you look design-oriented, you can catch the perfect look.

Hexagon Shelf Models

Shelf models with different shapes and designs are danach very popular. You can design a shelf model in many ways such as square, rectangular, round, hexagonal. You can add color to the environment by making a difference with both hexagonal shelf models.

Shelf Models for Flower Pots

You can danach choose this type of shelf systems to display your plants. It can danach provide a very pleasant view in areas such as balconies and terraces. This model will be a very good idea for those who like to look flowers in the balcony. Change the atmosphere by adding a difference to your living space with these examples we have given. If you design these easy-to-make models, do not forget to share them with us.

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